About Mediterranean Summer School

Mediterranean Summer School 2016 "Business and Innovation in EU: V4 Challenges" provides students with the tools to understand the latest economic developments within the EU when dealing with start-ups and enterprise development.  Students need to thoroughly understand  the international economic and social environment, which will act as a a mean to overcome deeper and deeper global economic crises. This implies students' awareness of the common European business opportunities on one hand and difficulties on the other, thus providing them with ways to successfully cope with them. Participants will be acquainted with several practical examples and with project work encouraged to innovative business engagement in the global environment. Participants will also learn which possibilities are offered by the EU to them and how to act as the responsible EU citizens.

Participants of the programme will be students and teachers with different cultural, social and economic background from EU countries and wider. Both students and teachers will be able to learn about variety of life experiences and attitudes towards society, economy and business. This will serve as a base of interactive approach to teaching and action learning, which is one of the main components of the programme.


Summer school will be based on the principle of combined and problem learning. With e-classroom, participants will be enabled to access, consolidate and self-assess their knowledge. With face-to-face lectures, participants will learn about creativity and inventiveness in the global business environment (study course one) and/or about the EU integration processes and thier current challenges (study couse two). Summer School programme will take advantage of new ways of teaching and learning including experience based learning, real world problem solving and linking academic world with business environment.

Strong connection with business environment will be established through inclusion of domestic, internationalized companies, regional business association and governmental organizations. Their contribution will be to make the learning more practice oriented. Guest speakers from companies and organizations will introduce real world problems, study visits to the companies and organizations will be organized in order to base some study units of the program on actual business situation etc.

Students who will successfully complete the programme will be awarded with 6 ECTS credits in the study course Innovation in Business and/or 6 ECTS credits in the study course Living in the EU: United in Diversity (students individually decide whether they want to participate in one or both study courses).



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