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Dr. Valerij Dermol (International School for Social and Business Studies, Slovenia) is the Associate Dean, Assistant Professor and Director of Knowledge Management master programme. He has been involved in research projects on organisational learning, knowledge management and lifelong learning. For many years he has been working as a trainer for several international training companies.


Study course: Innovation in Business

Topics: introduction to summer school, e-classroom, group assignment, final exam

Contact: valerij.dermol@issbs.si


Mag. Gregor Jagodič (International School for Social and Business Studies, Slovenia) obtained a master's degree in marketing at the Economics and Business Faculty in Maribor. His business career started at an international company "Wer liefert was?" and has lead several retail networks in food and technical industry. He has its own consulting company, which is mainly active the field of marketing, sales and management. At ISSBS, he is a teacher at courses Entrepreneurship and Business Case Studies and is the faculties intership coordinator.

Study course: Innovation in Business

Topics: case studies, study visits

Contact: gregor.jagodic@issbs.si



Nada Trunk Širca holds a PhD in Management in Education from the Manchester Metropolitan University. Prof. Trunk Širca is a member of numerous committees at home and abroad, e.g. Professional Council of the RS for General Education, NARIC - National Academic Recognition Information Centre, National Commission for Quality in Higher Education, EERA - European Educational Research Association. Her research fields include management, quality and evaluations in tertiary education, and the introduction of lifelong learning in higher education. She is a higher education teacher at ISSBS. Some of her previous positions include being Director at University Centre for Euro-Mediterranean Studies (2007–2010), Dean at Faculty of Management, University of Primorska (1996–1998) and Vice Chancellors at the same institution (1998–2007). Key additional qualifications: exams in pedagogic education, University of Ljubljana; professional exam for work in education, Ministry of Education and Sport, the Republic of Slovenia.


Study course: Living in the EU: United in diversity

Topics: lectures, final exam

Contact: nada.trunk@mfdps.si


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